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Awareness camp cum Nutritional Food Distribution during Pandemic
English Literacy Project-ELP
Continuation and Expansion of Elementary Education (CEEE)
Women Empowerment and Zari Training
Madrasa-Makhtab Intervention
Community Initiative in Addressing Rural Education
Residential  Bridge Course Camp
Training on  HIV/AIDS
Comprehensive & Reading Skill Development and Remedial Coaching Classes for Class VIII-XI under Ban Bandhu Kalyan Yojna

Madrasa-Makhtab Intervention

Project Background & Description

SSA has taken various initiatives in different parts of India to bring the unrecognized madrasa makhtabs under the fold of formal education. States like Assam, Bihar, UP, Madhya Pradesh have taken innovative steps to upgrade these religious education centers. SSA, Jharkhand also has taken initiatives to reach out to Makhtabs where children only receive religious education. Elementary education is the fundamental right of every child in India and we have no right to deprive them from their right to elementary education. India is also a signatory to the UN Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC) which also spells out about right to development through education. As stated earlier, Pakur has Ďa good numberí of Muslim population. Here too there are many Madrasas and Makhtabs, where only religious education is imparted. SSA, Pakur approached FACE to join hands with it as a partner to reach out to these Muslim minority children receiving only religious education in Makhtabs of Pakur block. The project was taken up by FACE as a pilot project. 550 children belonging to Muslim community attended the Bridge course at 10 locations (Makhtabs) in Pakur block of the district. The children were not stopped from receiving religious education but in addition, they were provided education through bridge course method so that they acquire age appropriate learning competencies. The project required intensive dialogue with the management committee of Makhtabs. FACE organized regular monthly meetings with the Maulavis to sensitize them on the need for formal education especially with Maulavis. Besides, FACE also shared academic progress of the children, hindrances faced by the educators engaged by FACE in the Makhtabs during these meetings to create a sense of bondage among the religious teachers towards this alternative learning centre located in the premises of the Makhtabs.

Impact on the Community

  • Acceptance by the community

    The community which earlier was not open to the idea of need for formal education gradually changed their mind. People from the neighboring villages also started sending their children to bridge course centers to prepare them for admission to formal schools. The involvement of Muslim youths as educators of the centers helped to win confidence and support of the orthodox members of the community. The children were also thrilled to come to the learning centers. Here, they got scope to participate, express their opinion, learn in groups. The bridge course centre was quite vibrant and the method of teaching adopted here, made the children more active rather than making them mere passive listeners.


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